Monday, July 1, 2013

Sometimes we need to just stop and wonder.

for that is his only covering, and it is his cloak for his body, in what else shall he sleep? And if he cries to me, I will hear, for I am compassionate. Exodus 22:27

Sometimes we just need to stop and be in wonder at the amazing grace of God. We need to be in awe of the fact that God has chosen to save us from hell. We are all involved in our daily existences and sometimes we may go hours, days, without thinking about the wonder of our condition as children of God, heading for heaven. The difficulties of life are structured by God to grow us in Christlikeness. We need to every now and then, to just be brought to a state of amazement at GRACE!

We have the wonderful privilege to enter into the very Throne room of the Creator, we are compelled daily by the Holy Spirit to draw closer to Christ in prayer, in reading His Word, in obedience, we are not always obedient, yet the lack is not on the side of God's grace, and so that we fully understand  this part of grace, lets look at Paul when he went to Christ to remove the thorn (3 times) yet Christ told Paul, His grace is sufficient, Christ did not remove the throne in Paul's flesh, but tells him His grace is sufficient even in this difficulty that Paul was experiencing. (2 Corinthians 12:9). A lesson for all of us, Paul's thorn was from Satan, so whenever we are under the assault of evil forces, we can rest in the fact that Christ grace is sufficient. It will bring us through and we will look more like Christ at the end. We should look at our problems that way, "devils, demons, I belong to Christ, I may be experiencing a little difficulty now, but I know and trust in the Grace of Christ, that I will stand before Him on that day clothed in robes of righteousness, and there is nothing in creation that can stop it from happening." That's Christ's Grace, it is going to get us there because God has been compassionate to us. We need to stop and meditate on the wonder of this.

We need to stop and wonder at the compassion of God. Exodus 22:27 tells us of God's compassion. Verse 26 states that if a man pledges his cloak you should return it before the sun goes down. That whole section of Exodus 22:16-31 is titled in the ESV Bible as Laws about social justice. God is concerned about social justice. God has a compassionate heart for people, in Jeremiah we hear God say that He is the One in the earth excercising righteousness and judgment, that these are things in which He likes to do. If we wrong another person, we may be brought before justice here on the earth, God appointed the Law enforcers for this purpose, but we need to also realize that God is Judge and none will escape His justice. Our focus verse pointsto the true heart of God, even though God is a Judge and He will punish all those who are guilty in the end, He has provided ( and we must see the compassion in this) salvation in Jesus Christ.

Exodus 22:27 tells us if a man pledges his cloak to you you are to return it to him before the sun goes down because you know this is what he covers himself with when he sleeps -do you see the measure of compassion in this verse, in this small matter. God warns if he cries out to me I will hear, and I will have compassion. The mercy, the grace of God. He wants us to see that the smallest details of our lives are of concern to Him. We have come into a covenant relationship with God, there are things that God says He will do and things we are required to do. We are weak but He is strong. We are to cry out in our weakness, we are to cry out to our Father! Let us run to our Father with all our cares, and concerns. Let us be amazed at the compassion He has for us. Let us be brought to our knees in adoration to the One who loves us, and who brings us through all our trials and temptations, so that we are adorned in the aroma of Jesus Christ.

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