Saturday, August 17, 2013

The call of Heaven

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!  Psalm 118:1

The steadfast love of the LORD is the call of Heaven. It is the proclamation that shouts from heaven each morning that the Sun shines forth in a new day. For the steadfast love of the LORD is the reason and cause of any that any wake to the glory and splendor of a new day.

God's Word is full of the Glory of the love of God for His creation. God has a eternal purpose that is being worked out each and every day. Ephesians 1 speak about God's eternal purpose in verse 4 - 6, which says that all who God chooses for salvation are chosen according to the purpose of His will. Verse 7 tells us that our sins are forgiven through Jesus Christ according to the riches of His grace which He lavished on us (verse 8). Grace towards us is God's steadfast love.

There is a point that must be made however. That is that the call from heaven is also "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. (John 4:17)

We sometimes forget that God doesn't just have love but He has wrath also. We sometimes act like Adam and Eve in the garden after they had sinned. They hid from God. We hide from the hard sayings of God in the Bible. I believe some people do not read the Bible because they have run into one of these hard saying, where God is talking about bringing His judgment to bear on sinners and they are frightened away. We can not get the measure of God. No man can, it does not matter how long you are a Christian, you can not gain a through knowledge of God, you can not understand Him completely. He is infinite and we are finite. We are creatures and He is Creator. Human culture has blinded us with our technological know how, and we believe we have achieved a measure of greatness.

We must not be fooled, blinded to the truth of God's Word. His purpose. God will have a people unto Himself, those people will be holy, He has spoken it and His Words will not return unto Him void, but will accomplish all that it is suppose to. God has hard sayings in the Bible to warn us. To let us know His anger is hot against sin. Sin is rebellion against Him and He has promised that one day He will put it down.

The Devil, the world, and our own flesh are our enemies according to the Bible. There is a spiritual war going on. If you are a Christian, those enemies want to make your life count for nothing as far as doing the good works that God has called all believers to participate in.

We need to heed the warnings that God gives us. We all are weak and we all need each others prayers, as we work together, praying for us other, the body of Christ is nourished by Christ and we increased in the maturity of Christ. God is wiser than we are. His warnings, His promises of judgment are in the final analysis, calls from heaven as well, and they are promises of steadfast love. For if you have Christ as Lord, you want His will to be done, you trust that His will is best for you, and you realize that your hope in glory is to be transformed completely from all sin, and stand with Christ in glory, and in that capacity you will see the hard sayings of God in the Bible not to be hard at all, but a part of the working out of His steadfast love. For in heaven with God there is no sin, there will be no more sin one day. Only those that have this as a hope in their heart in any measure, will be able to see God's fierce wrath as a part of His steadfast love, as He moves sin away from Himself and His children forever.

Don't be deceived. There is no middle ground either you are with Christ or you are against Him. I realize that this is not being preached in Churches anymore. We don't hear about hell anymore, we don't hear about the wrath anymore, who changed it? We hold ourselves up higher than we should and hold God lower than we should because there is no fear, no dread, no awe, no respect for God. We have made salvation to be just saying a prayer, raising a hand, or signing a card, with no explanation of the necessity of knowing the condition we are in as sinner, and the repentance that is required to be saved. God is watching over His church just as He is watching over His Word. He is always delivering us up to decisions, which way will you go, Jesus or self, Jesus or Satan, Jesus or hell. My prayer is that all who are not decided for Christ, that His steadfast love give you another sunrise so that you might be brought to repentance, and escape hell.

Don't let racism take you to hell, thinking that Christ is not God, but a con or scheme to trick the black man, don't let being black take you to hell, believing that their is a con, scheme in Christ and there is some unknown cabal of people running things, wake up from that foolishness. The only cabal out there, hidden and running things behind the scene is Satan. He has the culture believing that he is not real. He disguised as an angel of light is taking those in the "church" who don't really want to serve Christ but really want to serve there own flesh. The devil is under God's control (read Job). Wake up, turn to the Lord, not one, no not one who wants the Lord Jesus Christ will fail to receive Him. The question is do you really want Him?

Take God seriously, don't be led into deception by your the world, the devil, and your own flesh. Only Christ can bring us out, we are to weak for any of these enemies, only Christ can bring us out.

In Christ.

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