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Anderson Bible Study -8/24/2010

Hello Everyone - hope all is well. A study on the Bible is below.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all, Amen

(2 Cor 13:14 NKJV)

The Uniqueness of the Bible

Taken from “Evidence for Christianity” Historical Evidences for the Christian Faith by Josh McDowell
Webster defined unique as 1. One and only; single, sole 2. “different from all others,” having no like or equal. He certainty must have had the Bible, the Book of books in mind when he wrote that definition.

1. It is unique in its continuity; it is the only book that was

a. Written over about a fifteen-hundred year span.

b. Written by more than forty authors from every walk of life, including kings, military leaders, peasants, philosophers, fishermen, tax collectors, poets, musicians, statesmen, scholars, and shepherds

For example: Moses - a political leader and judge, David - a king, poet, musician, shepherd, and warrior. Amos - a herdsman, Joshua - a military general, Nehemiah, a cupbearer to a pagan king, Daniel - a prime minister, Solomon - a king and philosopher, Luke - a physician and historian, Peter - a fisherman, Matthew - a tax collector, Paul - a rabbi, Mark - Peter’s secretary

c. Written on three continents: Asia, Africa, Europe.

d. Written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek.

e. Written in different literary styles: poetry, song, romance, law, prophecy, parable, allegory, satire, memoirs, historical narrative

2. In spite of its diversity, the Bible presents a single unfolding story: God’s redemption of human beings. The unifying thread is salvation from sin and condemnation to a life of complete transformation and unending bliss in the presence of the one, merciful, holy God.

3. Among all the people described in the Bible, the leading character throughout is the one, true, living God made known through Jesus Christ.

The following is taken from “The Divine Inspiration of the Bible” by Arthur W. Pink

Christianity is a religion of a book, The Bible. God had revealed himself to man in his creation. However, with no other source, we should never discover the fact that God pardons sinner. Man than needed a written revelation from God.

It is apparent that none other than the infinite mind of God could have created such a wonderful book as the Bible. One reason this is so is the honesty of the Bible. Each Old Testament book was written by a descendant of Abraham. Success is attributed to the presence of Jehovah the God of Israel. The defeats of Israel as much as the victories, are regarded as coming from Jehovah. Their successes were not due to mere partiality in God, but connected to a careful observance of his commands, and in like manner, their defeats are portrayed as the outcome of their disobedience and waywardness.

The honesty is shown in that the Jewish authors were not slack in recording again and again, that their ancestors were guilty of great wickedness. This is unusual for uninspired men tend to write only favorably of the events of their own people. Not so in the Bible, there is no attempt to conceal the folly, the unbelief and the wickedness of the biblical characters is recorded. The history of the nation of Israel has been faithfully transmitted showing their sins against God. Look at how they treated Christ, all Israel for 2000 years their hopes centered in the coming of the Messiah, yet when he came he was despised and crucified. This treatment of him had been prophesied hundreds of years before it happened.

Pink makes the point that the Bible is inspired due to the fact that no human mind would have conceived of an eternal punishment as just.

The human mind recoils from such a thought, or what human mind could have imagined that the Creator of man would take on humanity and be born in a mangar and would have to die for the sins of mankind.

Man can not accurately predict what will happen 24 hours from now, yet the biblical record shows that men prophecies of events 1000’s of year into the future, and they have been shown to be absolutely accurate, most of which were concerned with Christ. There is not one prophecy concerning Mohammed or Buddha or Krishna and any other so called gods or prophets.


The record is clear God has spoken to humankind and the Bible accurately presents his word. The God of the Bible has spoken and he is portrayed as a Holy, Powerful, Terrible, Merciful, Compassionate, Judge, King and that brings humankind under obligation.

Be blessed.

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